The Leader of Dye Sub Printer, The Future of Photo Business
INSTANT Printing LOW Initial Investment LOW Maintenance Cost EXCELLENT Quality ( Glossy & Matte Surface) Solution for photo printing. Available to print different image size on one sheet with high quality and in short time. Smart software available on this printer possible to print many variance. Best investment A store destination for new print service
More print oppotunity
An innovative and software variance printing service
High quality
Efficient power consumption Specification

Print mode

High-Speed Mode

High Quality Mode


300x300 dpi

300x600 dpi

Print size

L (5x3.5)

PC (6x4)

89x127 mm

101x152 mm

2L (5x7)

A5 (6x8)

157x178 mm

152x203 mm

Print Sheet

L (5x3.5)

700 sheets

PC (6x4)

2L (5x7)

A5 (6x8)

700 sheets

350 sheets

350 sheets

Print Time

L (5x3.5)

PC (6x4)

Approx. 13.9 sec

Approx. 17.9 sec

Approx. 14.9 sec

Approx. 19.9 sec

2L (5x7)

A5 (6x8)

Approx. 23.9 sec

Approx. 30.9 sec

Approx. 26.9 sec

Approx. 34.9 sec

Ribbon Type

YMC + overcoat


USB 2.0 (Max 480 Mbps Type B connector

Driver-Compatible OS

Windows XP/ Windows Vista (32&64 bit)/ Windows 7 (32&64 bit)


322 mm W x 351 mm D x 281 mm H


Approx. 13.8 kg (printer ONLY)


AC100 V – 240V 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption

100V 2.9A       240V 1.2A


Printing 66db   Standby 19 db (background noise:> 15 db)

Operating Environment

Temp. 5~35°C in natural conditions

Humidity 35~80% with no condensation


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